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Las Brisas at Doral welcomes you to our community website.Las Brisas home owners began moving in 1999 and now has 341 homes. We are situated on the South West Corner of NW 58th Street and 114th Ave. The community is surrounded by four schools, three parks, six major shopping centers, and two malls. With over 45,000 residents and a growing community, the City of Doral is one of the greatest places to live in South Florida.

Our amenities also include a pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, childrens playground and a gym. We are also protected by 24 hour security service and a dedicated Board of Directors who seek to improve our community daily.

Home Owners

This site was created with you in mind. The Board of Directors wanted a way to communicate information quickly to you and be able to have one source for all community information.

In addtion, by implementing the website and having you voice your concerns and suggestions the board has become more aware of events taking place in the community, able to track progress of concerns, and maintain accountability of our management company.

It is the Board’s suggestion that all requests, complaints and concerns be addressed through the contact us form this way all requests are in written form as they should be and can be processed accordingly.